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Celebrate in style!

Evolve will cater to your party needs.

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Alice in Wonderland

Jump down the rabbit hole and be welcomed to Wonderland. Meet disappearing cats, crazy queens and magical mad hatters. Explore wonderland and help the characters muddle through the mischief.


Space Adventure

3,2,1 BLAST OFF!! Become an astronaut and embark on the journey of a lifetime. Come and explore the universe with us, encountering strange aliens and peculiar planets. This space adventure is sure to leave you in orbit.


Jungle Adventure

Can you ROAR like a lion, jump like a monkey and slither like a snake? Come exploring on a jungle expedition. Meet the king of the jungle and all his crazy friends as they entertain us with music, fun and games.

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Showstoppers: Popstars and Rockstars

Dancing Divas and rocking rebels all have to start somewhere. Sing and dance to your favourite pop or rock songs, get a chance for a star studded photoshoot and maybe even create your very own music video!

Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 8.21.01 AM.jpg

Frozen Adventure

Horrible Hans has captured Elsa and she needs your help. In your important quest to save Elsa. Follow Anna or Olaf the snowman as they take you on a thrilling adventure of fun, games and magic. The future of Arendelle is in your hands.


The Gruffalo

Nobly knees? Spikes on his back? The gruffalo has gone missing!! Help your furry forest friends find him. Where could he be? Journey through the world of the gruffalo and more exciting places on your quest to find the Gruffalo.



Lights, Camera, Action! Superstardom is just around the corner and that red carpet is shouting your name. Go to your own film premiere. Once you’ve created your own short film get dressed in your best glad rags and clink flutes (of faux bubbly) with your fellow cast and crew.


Hungry Caterpillar

See the world through the eyes of the caterpillar, wriggle and roll through fun and games, sing songs and explore the garden. Find out what foods are good for you and what food isn’t. Eventually spread your wings and fly!

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Help the superheoes save the earth from the bad guys. Learn to fly, sneak and use your super strength as we help you create your very own superhero persona whether you want to be a superboy or spidergirl or any creation of your own. Join the good cause.


Play In A Party

Ever wanted to be in the spotlight on the great stage? Here’s your chance. Play in a party. Act out a well known piece of theatre, using costumes, props and pizazz! Invite your friends and family to see the final performance!


Ninjas and Spies

Ever wanted to be a ninja? Learn how to duck and dive through fun, games and adventure while developing your ninja skills, but beware the dark sneakers.


Peter Pan

Hook has stolen tinkerbell and demands the surrender of the lost boys and Peter Pan. Help save Neverland through a series of exciting games and thrilling adventure, but watch out for tick tock croc!



They did the mash… Welcome fellow monsters! Can you gnash your terrible teeth and stomp your big feet. Come and discover what monsters eat, where they live and what their favourite games are. Unleash the monster inside you.

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Harry Potter

Expeliamus! Magic your way into a world of witches and wizards, where only your wits will be able to save you from he-who-cannot-be-named. Make sure your wand is crafted well and your book of spells holds firm. As you forge your way through Hogwarts.



Jump aboard me ‘arty! Join the pirates on an epic adventure as they go swash buckling across the seven seas meeting animals along the way. But beware the most feared animal the shark who is always looking for a way to trick the pirates and take their treasure. Mermaids may be sighted.

Recommended  3-7yrs:



Hungry Caterpillar
The Gruffalo
Jungle Adventure

Art Jam
Space Adventure
Peter Pan​
Despicable me
Clown & Circus
​Dance Party
Paw Patrol

Recommended 8–13yrs:

Amazing Race


​DJ Disco

Music Video
Alice in wonderland
Murder Mystery
Harry Potter
Peter Pan​
Art Jam

Our professional Children’s Face Painters are a fantastically popular addition to any children’s parties. They can adapt to any theme and the children love them. Lots of artistic ability and fun with safe, non toxic children-friendly face paints.


$220 for an hour and a half’s Face painting ($150 if booked in conjunction with an Evolve Party)

Thanks! Message sent.

Face Painting

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