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Join us as we bring beloved stories and themes to life in a 5 day course working on songs, scenes and arts and crafts. During the week students will create their own script, rehearse it and then on the last day parents are invited in to see a short presentation.

Holiday Camp

8th - 12th Feb
9am - 12pm

Peter Pan Holiday Camp.jpg

Fun for all ages

At Evolve Arts, we strive to provide students with an exciting, hands-on approach to learning. Our classes combine drama, music and theatre to create a dynamic and engaging experience that stimulates creativity and imagination. We are passionate about our students’ growth and development, and work to provide an environment that is both fun and educational. Our ultimate goal is to help each student reach their full potential and leave our school with a strong foundation in the arts.

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Lots of learning

 Our immersive holiday camps provide the opportunity to explore the world of theatre and the performing arts, while honing your skills in acting, singing, and dancing.We also have a wide selection of stage show costumes and props to help bring your performance to life. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to express themselves creatively. Come join us and discover the magic of the theatre!

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