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Harlequins (Age 6 - 7)

1 hour - SGD 35

Explore and continue developing. Becoming a harlequin is one step further in terms of skills and knowledge of more technical stagecraft. The harlequins also progress further towards a longer performance with less narration involved in the script work and more props and direction. The process continues to work on their imagination, social skills and creative play. Term 2 and 3 become more geared towards presentation and performance in terms 2 and 3.

West End (Age 5-7)

1 hour 30 minutes - SGD 45

Sing like no one is listening and dance like no one is watching. Showstoppers is a high energy, fun packed hour that works on more technical vocal technique and dance steps. The process of showstoppers builds further on knowledge of rhythm, physical timing, musical counts, expression and stage presence. The group work together towards creating a music video and a performance at the Evolve Fest. Show stoppers for West End is perfect for young people who still have a love for singing and dancing, for the confident and the not-so-confident to work collaboratively towards a product.

Shakespeare (Age 8-10)

2 hours - SGD 60

Shakespeare is a performance class, studying different genres of Drama, developing style and content through Improvisation, direction and experience. Our students will develop confidence in improvising situations, script work and developing scenes as part of a team. They will learn about the value of drama and character analysis and what it actually takes to keep an audience intrigued. Focus includes Role Play, Script Reading / Writing, Improvisation, Sight Reading, Drama Games, Character Research, Audition / Interview Technique and covers all areas of Drama from Shakespeare to Contemporary. Lots of performing potential! 

Pierrots (Age 7 - 8)

1 hour - SGD 35

Love what you do and do what you love. This is the age where you really decide what you like and also the age where inhibitions can surface. Therefore we make sure the classes are safe spaces to work in but present challenging and diverse exercises, continuing to draw on play and confidence building. This is then put into practice with visible results in the performance at our Evolve fest in term 3.

Musical Actors (Age 7 - 9)

This class is an alternative to, or as well as, our Creative Drama classes concentrating on the core skills of confidence, team building and presentation, but we also focus on Music as part of performance, how it can enhance and influence both the actors and the audience. A great bridge between Creative Drama and Musical Theatre, loads of interaction and fun.

Broadway (Age 8 - 10)

2 hours - SGD 60

A Musical Theatre class that works towards big performances. Now that they're a bit bigger than Broadway babies they can join this class and learn more about life and music on the great white way.

Film Making Class (Age 8 - 12)

1.5 hours - SGD 45

Come and make your own film! Students are encouraged to develop their imaginative flair, and develop their movie making skills. This includes storytelling and devising scripts, directing, camera operation and photography, acting, production design, video editing and everything in between.

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