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ACT 3 

Perform Academy (Age 10 - 12)

3 hours - SGD 85

If you have a love for acting, singing, dancing or all three, the Perform Academy gives you the opportunity to work on your strengths, weaknesses, technique, confidence and put all your efforts into sparkling performances! The 3 hour course allows for real attention to detail, in depth rehearsal and skills that can be applied to school and careers in future. This Saturday academy has been created in association with the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. For more information please visit our LIPA page. The Perform Academy will put on in-house shows and performances at outside Venues. And will have at least 2 annual performances.

Applause (Age 11-14)

2 hours - SGD 60

Applause is a performance class, studying different genres of Drama, developing style and content through Improvisation, direction and experience. Our Teenagers will develop confidence in improvising situations, script work and developing scenes as part of a team. They will learn about the value of drama and character analysis and what it actually takes to keep an audience intrigued. Focus includes Role Play, Script Reading / Writing, Improvisation, Sight Reading, Drama Games, Character Research, Audition / Interview Technique and covers all areas of Drama from Shakespeare to Contemporary. Lots of performing potential! 

Curtain Call (Age 14 +)

3 hours - SGD 85

This class covers all aspects of Musical Theatre and is for our mature performers. We really concentrate on singing technique and advanced dance and choreography, as well as acting skills and stage presence. Shows and Presentations are chosen with the individual students in mind and focus on improving all aspects of performance

Solo Singing (All ages)

1 hour - SGD 55

Solo singing lessons are offered for students who are interested in a career in singing or furthering their training. Solo sessions are structured with a 15 minute warm-up and range exercises, 15 minute vocal technique skills and 30 minute repertoire work. Students on this course must show a dedication to their work, a high level of commitment to the course and a passion for singing and performance.

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Writing with Pen

Script Writing

2 hours - SGD 60

A picture paints a thousand words but words can build a world! All plays and films start with a script and there is nowhere you can't go with words. Let your imaginations loose with our brand new script writing class.

Completion of this enquiry form is accepted as agreement to our terms and conditions.

Completion of this enquiry form is accepted as agreement to our terms and conditions.


Drama Club

3 hours - SGD 85

This class is for our older teens who are looking to work in a creative group of friends and looking to put on top level productions of various styles of drama. Get involved in every aspect of a play from thinking up the idea, writing the script, rehousing and performing, learning about lights and sound and even prop making and costume design. Regular performances and excellent to support the learnings of GCSE and IB studies in drama.


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