About Us

Evolve Arts

Our philosophy is simple
Evolve believes in everyone’s ability to grow. Whether it be children, developing their confidence, motor and social skills and creativity. Teenagers and adults continuing to stretch their ability to play, create and perform or communities looking to strengthen their bonds, improve their health or simply have fun!

cd4ecf815817de9981c61b5ac4c9d05b-1The Importance of Process
​At Evolve the journey we take within our classes is invaluable. There are the general skills that we aim to come from the process of the classes; confidence, social skills, exposure and life skills. These can be drawn upon in future, but we also strive for the process to be about personal becoming and evolution, and many unique and individual skills.
​We want the process to spark creative ideas, ignite imagination and therefore illuminate inspiration.

be43cb25512f05d9f952a8ca9b16192b-1The Importance of Product
​We also believe that the product is vital in recognising one’s achievements during the process. The performance is the reward after the process, the goal to work towards. The very essence of drama, music, dance, art is to share it with everyone you can and to entertain and inspire others with what you have created. It is also an opportunity for family and friends to see the skills learnt along the way. Most importantly, the product strengthens a group. There is an individual sense of pride, but also the indescribable pride of accomplishing something together with your peers, this is a precious and fundamental experience to have.

Owen Belliveau

(Founder/ Artistic Director/ Teacher)

Audrie Clarke

(​Producer/ Administration/ Event co-ordinator)

Jeni Louise Ayodele

(Founder/ Artistic Director/ Teacher/ Zumba instructor)

Liliana Barbero Gibbs

(Drama Teacher)

Abdul Syafiq


Aaron Mayes

(Early years/Music Teacher)

Evolve Arts believes in everyone's ability to grow!