Mini Maestros
(Drop Off) – Age 3-6 years ​1 hour $35
Mini Maestros Creative Drama and Music and aims at developing a love for music within the early years. The class uses play, movement, drama and practical music exercises to stimulate students musical abilities in a fun and engaging environment. Throughout each term students look at different themes and topics as well as looking at many orchestral instruments and music styles. The class often hear the music played live in class and are encouraged to creatively explore all the different sounds every instrument can make, as well as developing opinions on the Music they hear and literature that they use.
Treble Makers(Drop off)

Treble Makers
(Drop off) – Age 7-12 years ​1 hour $35
Our Treble Makers class is a fusion of musical theatre, singing, acting, dance and physical theatre and just for boys ages 7-12. The class is aimed at inspiring a love for all areas of the arts and showing the students that performing is not just for girls! This high energy class involves games as well as learning performing techniques from across the genres and focusing on exposing the students to new experiences and performance styles as well as developing a love for performing. There is no audition necessary, just an openness and a willingness to try new things, have great listening skills and work hard in class. The course from time to time will have small showcases and will complement and lead onto entering our other performance courses at Evolve.

Age 10-12 years ​1 hour $35
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