Age 5-6 ​1 hour $35
ChildrenOur experiences from life are a collection of our most treasured memories. Moving on in performance skills, Puncinellos is our youngest course to produce scripted performances. Throughout term 1, the course aims to develop a knowledge of more technical stagecraft and character development, all still within a fun, creative and nurturing environment. Term 2 continues to work on drama skills but more geared towards the performance in term 3!

Age 6-7 ​1 hour $35
harleyExplore and continue developing. Becoming a harlequin is one step further in terms of skills and knowledge of more technical stagecraft. The harlequins also progress further towards a longer performance with less narration involved in the script work and more props and direction. The process continues to work on their imagination, social skills and creative play. Term 2 and 3 become more geared towards presentation and performance in terms 2 and 3.

Age 7-8 ​1 hour $35
pierLove what you do and do what you love. This is the age where you really decide what you like and also the age where inhibitions can surface. Therefore we make sure the classes are safe spaces to work in but present challenging and diverse exercises, continuing to draw on play and confidence
building. This is then put into practice with visible results in the performance at our Evolve fest in term 3.

Age 8-9 ​1 hour $35
chaplin“A day without laughter is a day wasted.” Chaplins is a step up once again, working on more advanced skills in acting, text, improvisation and creative play. Term 1 is a skills only term, building confidence, focusing on character work, facial expressions and voice. Term 2 develops these skills, and through the improvisation module the class will devise their own short presentation. Term 3 works towards applying all these skills into a performance at the Evolve Festival!

Age 9-13 2 hours $60
shaker“All the world is a stage.” Shakespeares is a more advanced approach to acting and performing. Being two hours long, it allows time to build concentration and team dynamics. Through the first term the class learn more technical theatre skills and focus on different Theatre Practitioners approaches to building character and setting scenes the focus is also on script work and the class work in small groups into term 2 showcasing in either digital film or performance. From term 2 to 3 the class works on the show that will be performed at the Evolve Fest at the end of the year.

Age 13-17 ​2 hours $60
comedia-dramaAct is the oldest and most advanced non-adult course at Evolve. We understand that 13 – 17 is no longer an age where you are happy to be considered a ‘child’, and rightly so. Therefore we challenge the Actors and Actresses in classes training in further technique including audition technique, modern and classical text, movement (Alexander Technique) and practitioner study. The class will give students the opportunity to run dramatic exercises for the whole class, gaining leadership and teaching skills. The productions for this course will require in-class auditions for roles. The course is great for those with a passion for Theatre and also for those who want to go on to drama school and/or pursue a career in Acting and performance.

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