At Evolve our singing lessons are focused around developing safe vocal technique and the syllabus is based on the Estill technique as well as other influencing practitioners to allow the singer to have full control over their own voice. Students will start by improving the foundation of their singing voice with breathing and support techniques and then we will move on to mastering vocal qualities, stylistic elements and improving range to allow the student to become a fully versatile singer. Each student will have their own learning journey and the lessons will be tailored to each student’s individual needs. Students should be prepared to sing a wide variety of styles and genres and not just the latest pop song or their favourite musical song and the teacher will guide the students as to what song will benefit their voice the most. Each term there will be an opportunity for students to perform in front of a public audience in-house or at external venues, provided that students are performance ready.


Our regular singing classes are structured in one hour sessions with a maximum of three students per class. The classes are divided into age and skill appropriate groups and each student gets 15 minutes 1-1 time with the teacher as well as a 15min group warm-up and technique session. For students new to the course the technique session will be extended to allow all students to fully understand the vocal techniques to then put into practice in their individual work. The group setting provides a valuable basis for students to develop confidence in performing in front of others, vocal analysis skills and allows them to learn other techniques from watching the advice given to their peers so they can put it into practice independently. Because of the group and technical focus of the course, this course will suit students who are focused on seriously developing their singing skills, have great focus and teamwork skills as well as a passion and love for performing.


12+ years
Due to limited availability this our solo singing lessons are offered by invitation only for our older students who are interested in a career in singing or furthering their training. Solo sessions are structured with a 15 minute warm-up and range exercises, 15 minute vocal technique skills and 30 minute repertoire work. Students on this course must show a dedication to their work, a high level of commitment to the course and a passion for singing and performance.

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