Music and Dance

Mini Maestros (Age 3-6 years)
(Drop Off) 1 hour – $35
Mini Maestros Creative Drama and Music and aims at developing a love for music within the early years. The class uses play, movement, drama and practical music exercises to stimulate students musical abilities in a fun and engaging environment. Throughout each term students look at different themes and topics as well as looking at many orchestral instruments and music styles. The class often hear the music played live in class and are encouraged to creatively explore all the different sounds every instrument can make, as well as developing opinions on the Music they hear and literature that they use.


Show Stoppers (Age 3-6 years)
1 hour – $35
Sing like no one is listening and dance like no one is watching. Show stoppers is a high energy, fun packed hour that works on basic vocal technique and dance steps. The process of showstoppers builds up knowledge of rhythm, physical timing, musical counts, expression and stage presence. The group work together towards creating a music video and a performance at the Evolve Fest. Show stoppers is great for little ones with enthusiasm and dynamism and also for less confident children to uncover their potential and allow them to shine.

Teddy Tutus (Age 2-6 years)
Beginners ballet – 1 Hour – $35
We call our Ballet classes Teddy Tutus and they a wonderful Introduction to Ballet. The class is full of magic, imagination and fun props. These allow the children to build and develop the foundation ballet dance skills including positions, posture, balance, rhythm and steps. The classes have a highly creative influence to keep the children fully engaged and interacting socially, but are also respectful and mindful and focused on the aim of developing a love and appreciation of Dance and Ballet and enriching Cultural Knowledge.

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