Merry Makers (Age 3-4)
Merry Makers is our first independent Creative Drama class and for those who have attended Jesters, they will recognise some familiar routines. For those new to Evolve they will have huge fun and grasp them easily and swiftly. The classes are fully interactive and all of the students develop creativity, confidence and communication skills through the use of literature and popular books, role play and vocal games in a safe and secure environment.

Jolly Jokers (Age 4-5)
1 hour – $35
Performing with and in front of peers, enables us to mature at rates of which we were initially unaware.
Jolly jokers is the youngest performance course. We choose age appropriate books, fairytales and text for the children to stage. In the first term, skills are honed, including vocal, expressive and social. Then we move into rehearsal period before performances at the end of term 2 and 3. Through the rehearsal period, as well as performances, the children learn vital skills, such as discipline and structure with a fun and entertaining environment.

Punchinellos (Age 5-6)
1 hour – $35
Our experiences from life are a collection of our most treasured memories. Moving on in performance skills, Punchinellos is our youngest course to produce scripted performances. Throughout term 1, the course aims to develop a knowledge of more technical stagecraft and character development, all still within a fun, creative and nurturing environment. Term 2 continues to work on drama skills but more geared towards the performance in term 3!

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